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This week we learned about Aztec Religion and Sacrifice .

Religion was important to the Aztecs

The Sun God , The Rain God , The War God and The Maize God were the most important Gods to the Aztecs.

The Aztecs liked to keep their Gods happy and they sacrificed people to do this. They also built temples to honour their Gods.

In our group, we made  a model of a temple to help us learn about how the Aztecs would honour their Gods .

We made our model temple out of cardboard and paper. But in Aztec times they made temples out of stone and bricks. This would have been really difficult as they had to cut the blocks, carry them and built a massive structure with no machines to help them or technology like we have today.

We recorded our work by taking photos, blogging and writing reports.

It was great fun because we learned about their religion and how their beliefs were so different to ours today.

We would like to be Aztec children just to see the way they lived.:)

By : Laura Molly Hero And Rubine 😀

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Religion was important to the Aztecs and the most popular Aztec gods were The Sun god, The Rain God, The Maize God and The God of War.
To honour the gods, the Aztecs sacrificed human lives. For important gods like the Sun God, they sacrifed a life almost every day for that one god for they were afraid if they did less, the sun would extinguish.
In our group, we made a replica model of an Aztec sacrificial room to remind us of what it might be like to live in those days. Lauren made all the body organs and the Witch Doctor. Horatio made some dead sacrificed people. Jack made some tables and pots to hold the body organs and Matthew researched what the organs might look like on the using kids books from the library so we could make them. We used the internet to get ideas too!
We chose this over other options because it looked really cool and fun! >:D In the class , we used materials like straw and márla. We encountered a few difficulties like trying to get the people to stand and to get the tables to stand.
We recorded our work by taking photos with a digital camera. We chose this activity because we all agreed to do it and we came up with ways to put it together. It was much more fun and more exciting than just writing a paragraph in a copybook by yourself.
In this activity, we learned lots about about the Aztec gods. Have a look at a close up photo of the finished model, it’s so cool cause we have loads of blood n’ guts in it & we really enjoyed making this part ooooh !! We even made the jars that stored the body parts and put miniture labels on them!:-)
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Also have a look at the rest of the blog that others in the class have done. You have to go to the Home Page!
Created by Horatio, Jack Fld, Lauren & Matthew

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This week, our group was learning about Aztec Daily Life. To help us,we imagined that we were in an Aztec world.

We learned about what the Aztec used like weapons they made them from stone and clay ornaments.  We learned about  the way the Aztecs used pottery to make sun stones and calender stones .We learned that the Aztecs made all types of stones to tell the weather and tell what time of the year it is,they used some stones to honor their Gods. 

Have a look at some of the replica pieces of pottery and sun dials that we made in our group.

Other interesting facts we learned through research on the internet was that the Aztecs didnt have good health or they didnt have good education for children, especially girls. But they were very good hunters.They had lots of interesting food and in particular they like to eat chilli. They didnt have tooth paste,tooth brushes or medicine so if someone got bitten by a snake they couldn’t go to the doctor or to the hospital.

We are recording all of our work in interesting ways.  In this part of the project, we enjoyed taking lots of photos, even though the camera got a bit messy!! WE then inserted the pictures into documents to make a report, like a newspaper newsflash about a boy who fell into an Aztec time zone and his adventures as he beemed his story back to the 21st Century, using….technology!!!

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This week, our group was learning about Aztec Daily Life.


We learned about Aztec daily life . We learned about what the Aztecs wear, boys and girls.


There are many aspects to Aztec daily life, but the one we like best was jewellery.


We chose jewllery because we still wear it today and we wanted to know what their jewellery looked like . We learned that Aztec people liked to wear Jewellery, they made it with clay. They used the colours Gold & Silver. Women often wore the Torc style Bracelet & Necklace. There are many other examples of  Jewellery such as the Bangle or a Ring.We made jewellery out of clay .We all picked it and we all worked as a group .


We searched on Google Images to get pictures of jewellery . We used our  teachers laptop in the class to print the images .


We recorded our work by inserting pictures and made newspaper reports on Open Office 4 kids. We made a report about Daily life that could  have been written by a 21st century child who went back to the Aztec world.

We enjoyed it and learned a lot about the Aztec daily life 🙂




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Around 1300 AD, the Aztecs arrived in the Valley of Mexico. Other tribes already lived there, so the Aztecs had to put up with living in swampy land on the edge of Lake Texcoco. But the Aztecs were very clever and found ways of living in difficult conditions.

Our class has been divided into groups for an Aztec Project. Our group is made up of the following girls: Nicole, Callie, Nadja and Ashleigh. The first part of our project is about how the Aztecs lived and their houses, 🙂 We learned about the way the made their homes, from sun-dried bricks. The Aztec homes had many flowers nearby and were close to a pool. 😀

The Aztecs lived a very simple life. Their houses weren’t very fancy though, To show this, we decided to create a model of an Aztec house (see picture). Before we could make the house we had to plan the making of it and we had to negociate and assign jobs:

 We painted the house brown and the furniture gold. Ashleigh made the backdrop and little play-dough people, Nadja and Nicole made the sky and painted the house and Callie made some more play-dough people and furniture for the Aztec house. Throughout the building of the model, we took pictures and although our work did look very good it was important to document it too, so we wrote a newspaper report and acted like newspaper reporters. We also wrote blogs. Ashleigh and Nicole did the newspaper report and me and Nadja wrote the blogs. 🙂

We learned that it’s a bit hard to work in groups because all of the people in the group have different ideas and you have to decide which to do. It only took us about 45 minutes to do this part of the project, But it was great fun! We love doing the project because it is very enjoyable and fun ! 😛

By Callie and Nadja, Ashleigh and Nicole (:


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