This week we learned about Aztec Religion and Sacrifice .

Religion was important to the Aztecs

The Sun God , The Rain God , The War God and The Maize God were the most important Gods to the Aztecs.

The Aztecs liked to keep their Gods happy and they sacrificed people to do this. They also built temples to honour their Gods.

In our group, we made  a model of a temple to help us learn about how the Aztecs would honour their Gods .

We made our model temple out of cardboard and paper. But in Aztec times they made temples out of stone and bricks. This would have been really difficult as they had to cut the blocks, carry them and built a massive structure with no machines to help them or technology like we have today.

We recorded our work by taking photos, blogging and writing reports.

It was great fun because we learned about their religion and how their beliefs were so different to ours today.

We would like to be Aztec children just to see the way they lived.:)

By : Laura Molly Hero And Rubine 😀

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