Around 1300 AD, the Aztecs arrived in the Valley of Mexico. Other tribes already lived there, so the Aztecs had to put up with living in swampy land on the edge of Lake Texcoco. But the Aztecs were very clever and found ways of living in difficult conditions.

Our class has been divided into groups for an Aztec Project. Our group is made up of the following girls: Nicole, Callie, Nadja and Ashleigh. The first part of our project is about how the Aztecs lived and their houses, 🙂 We learned about the way the made their homes, from sun-dried bricks. The Aztec homes had many flowers nearby and were close to a pool. 😀

The Aztecs lived a very simple life. Their houses weren’t very fancy though, To show this, we decided to create a model of an Aztec house (see picture). Before we could make the house we had to plan the making of it and we had to negociate and assign jobs:

 We painted the house brown and the furniture gold. Ashleigh made the backdrop and little play-dough people, Nadja and Nicole made the sky and painted the house and Callie made some more play-dough people and furniture for the Aztec house. Throughout the building of the model, we took pictures and although our work did look very good it was important to document it too, so we wrote a newspaper report and acted like newspaper reporters. We also wrote blogs. Ashleigh and Nicole did the newspaper report and me and Nadja wrote the blogs. 🙂

We learned that it’s a bit hard to work in groups because all of the people in the group have different ideas and you have to decide which to do. It only took us about 45 minutes to do this part of the project, But it was great fun! We love doing the project because it is very enjoyable and fun ! 😛

By Callie and Nadja, Ashleigh and Nicole (:


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