This week, our group was learning about Aztec Daily Life.


We learned about Aztec daily life . We learned about what the Aztecs wear, boys and girls.


There are many aspects to Aztec daily life, but the one we like best was jewellery.


We chose jewllery because we still wear it today and we wanted to know what their jewellery looked like . We learned that Aztec people liked to wear Jewellery, they made it with clay. They used the colours Gold & Silver. Women often wore the Torc style Bracelet & Necklace. There are many other examples of  Jewellery such as the Bangle or a Ring.We made jewellery out of clay .We all picked it and we all worked as a group .


We searched on Google Images to get pictures of jewellery . We used our  teachers laptop in the class to print the images .


We recorded our work by inserting pictures and made newspaper reports on Open Office 4 kids. We made a report about Daily life that could  have been written by a 21st century child who went back to the Aztec world.

We enjoyed it and learned a lot about the Aztec daily life 🙂




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