This week, our group was learning about Aztec Daily Life. To help us,we imagined that we were in an Aztec world.

We learned about what the Aztec used like weapons they made them from stone and clay ornaments.  We learned about  the way the Aztecs used pottery to make sun stones and calender stones .We learned that the Aztecs made all types of stones to tell the weather and tell what time of the year it is,they used some stones to honor their Gods. 

Have a look at some of the replica pieces of pottery and sun dials that we made in our group.

Other interesting facts we learned through research on the internet was that the Aztecs didnt have good health or they didnt have good education for children, especially girls. But they were very good hunters.They had lots of interesting food and in particular they like to eat chilli. They didnt have tooth paste,tooth brushes or medicine so if someone got bitten by a snake they couldn’t go to the doctor or to the hospital.

We are recording all of our work in interesting ways.  In this part of the project, we enjoyed taking lots of photos, even though the camera got a bit messy!! WE then inserted the pictures into documents to make a report, like a newspaper newsflash about a boy who fell into an Aztec time zone and his adventures as he beemed his story back to the 21st Century, using….technology!!!

One Response to “Aztec Daily Life (Pottery and Sun Dials)”

  1.   Tony Says:

    I think your blog is very interesting. There has certainly been plenty of research done and I have to say I have learned a few thing myself from reading your blog. I think the replica pottery piece is very good and it just shows how interesting the Aztecs must have been. Well done!