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Our project is about using the iPod touch as a learning tool in the classroom. The scope for this proved so broad that it is impossible to narrow it to a single subject or suject area.  We decided to include a sample of one area that could be used.  For this we chose the Normans. This falls into the strand of ‘Life, society, work and culture in the past’ in the strand unit ‘Life in Norman Ireland’.

This is simply an example of one area that the iPod touch could be used.

1.Visit the Norman castle in Enniscorthy. The children will examine the building, take notes and draw diagrams of various aspects of it.

2. In the classroom the children will use the iPod touch to find out more about the different aspects of the different parts of Norman Castle. They will try to identify the different elements such as; motte, bailey, keep etc.

3. They will explore the different roles that people had in the castle, the slaves, the blacksmith, the cook and the knights and other members of the Norman castle life.

4. As integration with Visual Arts we will construct a Norman Castle in groups.

5. Under the guidance of the teacher the children will explore The Arrival of the Normans in Bannow, Co Wexford’ using many different sources; internet, books, tourist information leaflets.

6. The children will brainstorm about the questions they would like to find out about Strongbow.  With these questions the children will research using different sources to find the answers.

7. The children will present their finding through the medium of drama using teaching in role and hot seating.

8.We will then study the changes the Normans brought to Ireland using the various sources as mentioned about.

9. The children will look at one of the many animated versions of the Bayeux Tapestry on YouTube to see that the Norman had effects outside of Ireland too.

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Today we are continuing our work on the Normans.  We read a passage that mentioned Strongbow and we decided to learn more about him. First we spent time brainstorming the qustions that we wanted to find out about him. 




Once we had come up with all our questions we set about finding the answers using our iPod touch.