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We have been working hard on our county. We used our iPods to research information about it such as the main towns and rivers. We put all our information together.

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Today we had visitors from 2nd class.  They were looking for information about their country for multicultural week. We showed them how to find their information. Once they had completed their work we let them explore our apps. They really enjoyed it and we really enjoyed showing them.

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This app allows the children the chance to explore different countries.  The children can find out a wide range of information about any country in the world. Details are given about common things such as capital, population, currency used and language, as well as detailed information on infrastructure, government and bordering countries.

Children were even able to listen to countries national anthem and view maps.

The children really enjoyed this app and completed a couple of worksheets using the information provided.  They all learned something new.

Rating 4/5

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We used the CountriesLE app to do research on various countries of the world……

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On this page we will post text, images and video showing our work with iPod touch.

We will udpdate this page regularly to show and explain what we are doing.

week 1 cw_shapes2

Fourth Class

Using iPod touch to find data