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Our Project.

This project will explore the use of Apple’s iPod touches in enhancing and improving the learning environment in the classroom.

Every iPod touch will have a selection of applications downloaded covering all curriculum areas. The children will be given the opportunity to explore these applications as part of the lesson in each area. Each child will also have access to the internet to source and explore other information on topics being covered in class.

The results will be outlined in a blog which will include pictures, video and podcasts of the children during their learning.

Here is an idea concerning iPod touch in the Classroom….


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What is an iPod touch?

Basisly it is an mp3 player, that is a music player. This is the most popular brand of mp3 player.  This version of iPod is more that just a music player.  As well as being a music player the user can download and use ‘apps’ and surf the internet.  This is where it becomes a learning tool.

What are ‘apps’?

‘Apps’ is the shortened word for application.  They are little programmes that can be downloaded to the iPod touch. These apps are created  by different companies and there is very little that there is not an app for.  There are information apps and interactive apps.  There are thousands of apps available from apps of all the popular newpapers to games.

What use are the apps for education?

The range of apps make them suitable of use in schools.  There are apps that practice maths skills and concepts. There are language apps, science apps. Basically there is an app to cover most areas of the curriculm.

Many apps are free, and those that aren’t are typically very cheap.

The internet

The iPod touch uses Apples Safari internet explorer to literally put the internet into the hands of the child.