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During this project we learned that times change, but some things that were popular a long time ago are still used today.

Even though the Aztec people are gone now, we discovered that we still like a lot of things they liked, for example, chilli in our food, chocolate and … believe it or not technology (even though its a bit different today!!). The Aztecs also like singing, dancing and playing games.

We really enjoyed this project cause we learned about what it might have been like to live a few hundred years ago. As a class, we prefer the 21st Century though!!

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The beginning of the end of the Aztecs came with explorers landing. One of the famous explorers was called Hernán Cortés. He landed in 1519 after travelling all the way from Spain. He was looking for treasure to bring back home, but found the Aztec people….

We know all of this and so much about the Aztecs because of the important work of historians and archaeologists.

Here is a YouTube video which gives accounts of the end of the Aztec Empire and interviews historians about recent evidence of Aztec life found in Mexico.

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